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Business Licences

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Business Licences

Every business in the District is required to have a business licence. Before applying for a business licence the business must be registered with BC Registry Services.

When an application for a business licence is submitted, approvals from other departments including bylaw, planning, fire, building inspection and in some cases Island Health are required.

Business Licence Application Form

The District is proud to announce we are in the process of joining the new Vancouver Island Intercommunity Business Licence group.

Zoning and Property Use

When searching for a suitable property for a business licence it is integral to ensure the zoning allows for the proposed use prior to signing a lease or purchasing a property. To view permitted uses for a specific property use the North Saanich GIS tool to search the address of the property and find the permitted uses within the zoning bylaw.

Building Permits

Whether a business is leasing or purchasing a space, interior and exterior alterations may require one or more building permits. In addition, when changing the use of a space, a building permit is required. We encourage you to consult a building official prior to signing a lease or purchasing a property to ensure the improvements are allowable.


See Schedule A of the North Saanich Business Bylaw No. 1349 for licensing fees.

Please note that the District accepts cash, cheque or interac but does not accept credit cards.

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For more information, please contact the Planning and Community Services department.

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