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Campaign Financing

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Campaign Financing

Candidates developing election campaigns should be aware of restrictions that may apply to campaigning and, in particular, the regulations under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA). Elections BC is responsible for managing and enforcing financing disclosure requirements and election advertising provisions for all local government elections in BC.

New Rules for the 2022 General Local Elections

Candidates, elector organizations, and third party advertisers need to be aware of new campaign financing and advertising rules for the 2022 General Local Elections. Key changes include:

  • Elector organizations must register with Elections BC in order to endorse a candidate, receive a campaign contribution, or incur an election expense. Read more about new rules for elector organizations.
  • Sponsorship contribution limits apply to contributions made by eligible individuals to third party sponsors.
  • During the pre-campaign period beginning on July 18, 2022, third party advertising rules apply.
  • All election advertising during the pre-campaign period must include an authorization statement.

A candidate is their own financial agent unless they appoint another person to be their financial agent. The financial agent is legally responsible for administering campaign finances in accordance with the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA). A candidate may not have more than one financial agent at a time. Financial agents are responsible for a number of elements, including but not limited to keeping complete and accurate campaign financing records of all transfers, campaign contributions, election expenses, and other financial transactions. For a full list of responsibilities, see the Guide to Local Elections Campaign Financing in B.C. for Candidates and their Financial Agents

Candidates are required to make public an account of the campaign contributions they received and election expenses they incurred in the form of Campaign Financing Disclosure Statement. This statement must be filed within 90 days (Friday, January 13, 2023) of General Voting Day. Statements will be made available on the Elections BC website for public inspection. A candidate who does not file their disclosure statements by the deadline may be disqualified from holding office and from being nominated for, or elected to, a local government office until after the next general local election.

If you have questions about how to complete the Statement of Disclosure in the candidate nomination package, please visit the Municipal Affairs webpage: “What municipal official nominees must disclose” for more information. Also available are the frequently asked questions about municipal official financial disclosure.

For campaign financing and advertising rules in local elections, contact Elections BC at 1-855-952-0280 or

Campaign Financing Disclosure statements from the District of North Saanich 2018 Local General Election and the 2019 By-election can be searched for on the Elections BC Financial Reporting page.

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