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Candidate FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs and answers will be published here on an ongoing basis. We encourage candidates to check this page regularly.

Any questions regarding the 2022 General Local Election can be directed to the Chief Election Officer at

1. Are the names and – especially – the addresses and phone numbers of residents who nominate candidates made public?

Yes, the BC Elections form C2-Nomination Documents is available for public inspection.

The Candidate documents that are available for public inspections will be added to our website throughout the nomination period. We will be announcing candidates on September 9, 2022, shortly after 4:00pm.

2. Where can I find information on past election results?

Information from the 2014 & 2018 General Elections & the 2019 By-election can be located on our election results page.

3. How many nominators do I need to run for office?

Each candidate requires two North Saanich electors to nominate them for either a councillor or Mayor position.

4. What information can assist with opening a campaign bank account?

Information on campaign financing is located on the campaign financing page.

5. Where can I find information on the upcoming Candidate Information Session?

Information on the September 8, 2022 Candidate Information Session can be found in the Candidate Information Session handout


6. Can a candidate appear on the ballot with only a given name listed and no surname?

Yes. Section 87(1)(b) of the Local Government Act states: (b) the usual name of the person nominated, if the full name of the person is different from the name the person usually uses and the person wishes to have his or her usual name on the ballot instead.

7. At what time must a scrutineer be appointed?

A scrutineer can be assigned at any time upon completion and submission of Form C6, available on our website or in paper format at the District.

8. What are the restrictions around signage that candidates should be aware of?

All candidate signage and advertising must adhere to the District’s sign bylaw and the campaign financing regulations administered by Elections BC.  More information on Elections BC rules and regulations can be found here:

9. Would you please let me know if North Saanich is hosting a meet and greet with the candidates?

The District of North Saanich must remain impartial during the Election process and therefore does not organize All Candidate events; however, the district along with SD63, have organized a total of 4 candidate information sessions since June (2 for SD63 and 2 for the District in July and September).

10. Can a person living on a boat vote?

If they meet the residency qualifications by proving residency – 6 months in BC, they can vote.

11. Can a completed mail-in ballot package be dropped off in person at Municipal Hall?

Yes. A completed mail-in ballot package can be hand delivered to Municipal Hall and does not have to be returned by mail to be accepted. Completed mail-in ballot packages must be received by the Chief Election Officer no later than 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 15.

12. Did any North Saanich candidates submit papers with Elector Organizations?


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