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2022 Candidates


 Declaration of Election by Voting


Candidate Profiles


Candidates for Mayor (1)

BORDEN, Nancy ElizabethNomination Documents
JONES, PeterNomination Documents
WEISENBERGER, MurrayNomination Documents

Candidates for Councillors (6)

DIBATTISTA, PhilNomination Documents
GIESBRECHT, ErinNomination Documents
KEEPING, TaraNomination Documents
MCCLINTOCK, JackNomination Documents
MCCONKEY, IreneNomination Documents
MIKKELSEN, MorganNomination Documents
RENNISON, JonNomination Documents
ROLPH, TerrieNomination Documents
SanjivNomination Documents
SMYTH, BrettNomination Documents
STOCK, CeliaNomination Documents
TSE-COTTON, MayaNomination Documents
VARASTEH, MajidNomination Documents

Candidates for School District Trustee (2)

ELDER, KevenNomination Documents
MCMURPHY, ElsieNomination Documents
WENEZENKI-YOLLAND, CherylNomination Documents


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