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November 21 Regular Meeting of Council OCP Update

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November 21 Regular Meeting of Council OCP Update

At the Regular Meeting of Council held November 21, 2022, Council voted in favour of the following motion, stopping the drafting of the Official Community Plan:

  1. That Council rescind the following resolutions from the August 15, 2022 Regular Council meeting:
    • 443 – That Council receive the Official Community Plan Review – Phase 3 Engagement Summary & Recommendations Report PCS-22-050. A 444, and 447 adopted at the Regular Council Meeting of August 15, 2022.
    • 444 – That the Main Motion be amended to include “and endorse” after “receive”.
    • 447 – That Council direct staff to proceed with drafting the Official Community Plan as per the recommendations in Table 1 (recommendations 1-30) and approach as outlined in Staff Report No. PCS-22-050.
  1. That Council direct staff that any further work on a draft of the Official Community Plan be stopped until Council has undertaken further consideration and discussion of all aspects requested by the community; to be based on the existing vision and objectives of the current OCP and the role of North Saanich in the 2018 Regional Growth Strategy, with particular emphasis on Environment and Natural Assets, Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Change and Marine and Foreshore. 
  1. That staff report back to Council with an outline of next steps.

Timelines and next steps are still to be determined and we will provide updates as they become available. Project information can be found at:

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