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Special Meeting of Council Nov 22 - OCP review

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Special Meeting of Council Nov 22 – OCP review

On Monday, November 22 at 7:00 p.m., there will be a Special Meeting of Council to discuss the next steps for the Official Community Plan (OCP) review prior to moving into Phase 3 (Drafting the Plan). 

At this meeting, Council will consider a revised Phase 2 Engagement Summary and Policy Directions Report, along with a revised draft Phase 3 Engagement Plan, revised work plan, and associated budget that Council requested in its July 12 motions. 

Members of the community-based Advisory Working Group (AWG) have been instrumental in reviewing and providing feedback on this material, meeting with the Project team twice since the last Special Meeting of Council dedicated to the OCP (September 22).  One of Council’s July 12 motions was to involve the AWG closely in reviewing changes to the revised Phase 2 Engagement Summary.

The Project team and the AWG also had the opportunity to discuss what future public engagement might look like, and these ideas have been captured in the draft Phase 3 Engagement Plan. 

The draft Phase 3 Engagement Plan acknowledges and responds to a public desire for more detail, learning about policy direction sooner, and opportunities to meet in-person (and virtually) to provide feedback. 

Members of the public have various ways to watch and participate at the Special Meeting of Council on November 22:

The meeting agenda will be published on on the afternoon of Thursday Nov 18. (On this same page, you can subscribe to receive email updates when agendas are published.)

For more information about the OCP Review and to subscribe to project updates, go to

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