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Outdoor Burning

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Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning is banned in North Saanich until further notice.

On March 26, 2020 the Ministry of Environment restricted open burning in high smoke sensitivity zones, including all of North Saanich. Read the Ministry’s media release.

For questions about the outdoor burning ban, please call: 250-656-1931 or email: Do not come to the Firehall. In response to the COVID-19 situation Firehall administrative services are closed to the public until further notice.


Outdoor Burning

Current Conditions

  • Burning Season Open reopens November 7, 2019 – May 9, 2020 (all fires require a permit)
  • Burning Permits – Burning Permits for the 2019-2020 season are now available for purchase $25.00 – $35.00 (cash or cheque only) at the fire hall, 986 Wain Road. For more information, please review the Burning Information Bulletin or contact the Fire Department.
  • Current Fire Danger Rating: LOW

Outdoor Burning Information

We limit outdoor burning in North Saanich for a few reasons:

  • To reduce fire risk
  • To preserve air quality
  • To protect our environment

Not allowed:

  • Beach fires
  • Unpermitted open fires


  • Permitted outdoor open burning
  • Outdoor wood burning fire appliances are approved when used specifically for cooking and quiet enjoyment, not burning yard or household debris (until the provincial fire ban is in effect)
  • Propane, natural gas or charcoal briquette fueled appliances designed and used for cooking food (no permits required)
  • Propane or natural gas fueled appliances specifically designed as outdoor heaters, provided the appliance is CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified (no permits required)

Dean Park Outdoor Burning Restriction

No burning is allowed in the Dean Park area located west of East Saanich Road, south of Forest Park Drive (both sides, including Texada Terrace) to the southern border of the District with the exception of outdoor appliances.

Special permit burning

We may issue a Special Burning Permit to allow for Halloween, Fireworks, Ceremonies, Education and other occasions at the discretion of the Fire Department.

Voluntary No Burning Days

The Ministry of Environment posts air quality information every day. If there is a poor venting index, please voluntarily curtail your outdoor burning.

Burning information and resources:

Bylaw references:

If you have any questions regarding outdoor burning, please visit or contact the Fire Hall.

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