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Outdoor Burning

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Outdoor Burning

The 2021 Outdoor Burning season is closed.

Burning in North Saanich

Dean Park Outdoor Burning Restriction

No burning is allowed in the Dean Park area located west of East Saanich Road, south of Forest Park Drive (both sides, including Texada Terrace) to the southern border of the District with the exception of outdoor appliances.

Burn Smart, Burn Clean

Outdoor burning has been allowed in North Saanich for many years as a way to manage excess green waste. However, there is a growing awareness about the impact of the smoke from outdoor burning on human health, particularly for children, the elderly, and people with pre-existing health conditions.

You can help by choosing alternatives to burning. If you must burn, burn smart & clean.

Burn Better

If you are going to burn, please reduce the smoke from fires by:

  • Burning on good venting days only. View the B.C. venting index.
  • Burn hot: Ensure the fire has adequate oxygen.
  • Burn dry material. Do not burn leaves, green grass, construction waste or household items.

Burning information and resources:

For questions about outdoor burning contact: 250-656-1931 or

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