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The District of North Saanich Public Works department includes a network of municipal water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure.


The District’s municipal water is supplied through the Saanich Peninsula Water System, which is operated by the Capital Regional District (CRD). Within the District of North Saanich, water is distributed through a network of water mains and pressure zones controlled by pressure-reducing valve (PRV) stations. The components of the CRD’s Saanich Peninsula Water System which directly supply to the District include Transmission Main #4, the Lowe Road Pump station, the Upper, Middle, and Lower Dean Park Reservoirs, the McTavish Reservoir, the Deep Cove Pump station, and the Cloake Hill Reservoir.

Water mains run underground below the streets and boulevards throughout North Saanich and connect to the water meter at the property line of your home. If you see water gushing onto the street, contact the public works department immediately as a water main or water service line may have broken.

Annual Water Main Flushing

Water main flushing occurs annually throughout the District to remove sediment and maintain satisfactory water quality within the distribution system. Typically, the District flushes from late February to the end of May each year (weather dependent).

Temporary water discolouration and/or low water pressure may occur. This water discolouration is not a health hazard. If your water is discoloured, clear your water lines by turning on your cold water tap until the water runs clear.


Wastewater is the mix of liquid and solids that we flush down toilets and drain down sinks every day. This material travels through our sanitary sewer system and into the Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Treatment Plant, maintained by the Capital Regional District (CRD). The District has 90 km of sanitary sewer pipe system and 13 sewer pump stations, which provide sanitary sewer service to the Dean Park Estates, South East Quadrant, Patricia Bay, Deep Cove, and McDonald Park sub-communities.


The District’s drainage system consists of creeks, ponds, ditches, ditches, swales, and pipes. In total, there are approximately 2,700 culverts, 170 km of ditches, 13 km of swales, and 70 km of pipe. Several creeks flow within North Saanich, including Tatlow (Chalet) Creek and Gardner Pond, Towner Creek, Blue Heron Creek, Tseycum Creek, Reay Creek, and TenTen Creek.

For more information, contact the Public Works department.

Stormwater Management

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