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Winter road maintenance

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Snow Plowing

During winter weather events, our priority is to ensure emergency services, residents and public transit can safely navigate priority routes throughout North Saanich.

We prioritize our snow clearing efforts as follows:

  • Priority one: major and emergency routes, public transit routes, hills, and curves
  • Priority two: secondary and connector roads
  • Priority three: residential streets and cul-de-sacs

View the District’s Snow Plowing Routes Map here.

During heavy snowfalls or prolonged storm events, we focus our efforts on clearing priority one routes. This means that our response to second and third priority routes is secondary and will be delayed.

When icy conditions are likely, District crews are out patrolling North Saanich roads early in the morning to assess known problem areas and are pre-treating roads with salt and sand when required.

We will respond to emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) issues only. In the event of an emergency, call 911.  Emergency response agencies will contact us if the street requires service for them to access.

How you can help

When winter storms hit, it’s important to work together as a community to keep streets and sidewalks clear and safe.

Plowing pushes snow from the travel lane to the side of the road. Unfortunately, this results in snow piling up in front of driveways. Please shovel snow to the right side of your driveway (when facing the road) to prevent it from being pushed back onto your driveway by snow plows.

You can also help by:

  • Avoiding parking on the road;
  • Clearing walkways and sidewalks around your property;
  • Placing garbage and recycling totes on your driveway (instead of the road);
  • Shoveling snow from catch basins on your street to prevent flooding; and
  • Checking in on and assisting your neighbors.

Winter Driving

Snow and Ice control services are not intended to eliminate all hazardous conditions on municipal roads at all times. They are intended to assist vehicles which are properly equipped for winter driving conditions and being operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving habits. If you need to go out during a snow event, consider taking BC Transit or better yet, stay home.

Other Jurisdictions

Not all roads in North Saanich are the responsibility of the Municipality. The Pat Bay Highway and off ramps, McTavish Road, and sections of West Saanich Road through First Nations property are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  Willingdon Road is the responsibility of the Victoria Airport Authority.

For snow and ice issues pertaining to the Ministry of Transportation’s roads, this service is currently contracted out to EMCON Services Inc. who are available 24/7,   at 1-866-353-3136.

For issues on Willingdon Road, contact the Victoria Airport Authority at 250-953-7515.

Please note that the District does not clear private driveways, roads, and community mailboxes. For all other enquiries regarding snow and ice on District of North Saanich Roads, please direct all requests, comments, and concerns to Public Works at 250-655-5480.

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