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Making a Claim

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Making a Claim

In the event of property damage

Property damage from drainage, flooding, sewer backups, watermain breaks, road hazards or fallen trees is stressful and never pleasant to deal with. The District understands the inconvenience of these situations; however, District staff does not undertake work on private property to mitigate damages that may have occurred.

Detailed information on property damage from water services, road hazards, construction projects, sewer backups, or fallen trees can be found in the following brochures:

Below are the steps that you, the homeowner, can follow when dealing with property damage and how to make a claim with the District when or if necessary.

Property owner responsibility

  1. Take steps to minimize further damage.
  2. Contact your insurance company immediately. If a vehicle is involved, contact ICBC.
  3. Coordinate clean-up on private property. Professional assistance for clean-up is advised.
  4. If you believe your property has been damaged as a result of actions by the District, please follow the instructions below on how to make a claim.

How to make a Claim

If you have incurred a loss as a result of damage to your property and there is evidence of negligence by the District that caused or contributed to the loss, your claim will be addressed.

To proceed with a claim:

  1. Either print the Making a Claim Against Local Government form or stop by the Municipal Hall to pick up a hard copy.
  2. Provide written notice within two months of the incident that includes:
    • Contact information: name, address, phone number(s)
    • A description of the damage
    • A description of how the incident happened
    • Date and time of the occurrence
    • Photographs (if any)
  3. Submit your completed claim to:
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