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Freedom of Information

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Freedom of Information

British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) sets out the responsibilities for the collection, use and disclosure of information for public institutions. The District of North Saanich is committed to providing access to public records while protecting the privacy of individuals and responsibly managing personal and confidential information.

The Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner is an independent review body that helps promote and protect the information and privacy rights of individuals. Anyone may ask the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to review any decision, act, or failure to act, regarding your Freedom of Information request under FIPPA.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) helps promote good governance by balancing the following principles:

Freedom of Information (FOI)
• You have the right to request access to records of public bodies, including the right to access, and request correction of, your own personal information.

Protection of Privacy (POP)
• You have the right to have your personal information protected and the District of North Saanich should not improperly collect or disclose personal information.

Sensitive Information

• FIPPA provides for the protection of sensitive information that, if disclosed, could harm: public body confidences or economic interests; legal privilege; law enforcement; public safety; inter-governmental negotiation or the interests of Indigenous people. (More information regarding exceptions to disclosure can be found under Part 2 Division 2 of FIPPA.)

Access to Information

There are three ways to access information held by the District of North Saanich:

  • through the website
  • by contacting District staff (most requests can be resolved without a Freedom of Information request)
  • for non-routinely releasable records, formally through a Freedom of Information request

Routinely Released Records

Most of the information requested by the public is available and provided routinely by front line staff in their respective departments. Reports and records posted online or available by contacting District of North Saanich staff include:

Property File Information

Property owners (and their authorized agents/realtors) may request records related to their property by completing the Request for Property File Information form and returning it to the Planning & Community Services Department or emailing it to

Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

If the information you are seeking is not available online or by contacting District staff, you can make an FOI request for copies of records through one of the following methods:

Please provide as much detail as you can including your name, the type and date range for the records you are seeking, and whether you would like to receive the records by email, regular mail, or by picking up at the Municipal Hall.

Written requests or the completed form can be sent to:

Director of Corporate Services
1620 Mills Road
North Saanich, BC V8L 5S9
Fax: 250-655-5489


The District may charge fees for the costs of providing applicants with records. For a list of fees and charges please refer to Schedule 1 of FIPPA Regulation and the District’s Fees and Charges Bylaw.

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