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McDonald Park Road Multi-Use Path

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McDonald Park Road Multi-Use Path

The District of North Saanich Active Transportation Plan was adopted by Council in May 2021. A key project identified in the plan, as measured by safety benefits and public support, is the construction of a multi-use path on McDonald Park Road between Glamorgan Road and Mills Road. McDonald Park Road marks the boundary between North Saanich and the Town of Sidney. The District has worked closely with Sidney in developing this work and the provision of a multi-use path on the west side will complement proposed future boulevard upgrades on the east side as detailed in Sidney’s Beacon West Traffic Study (April, 2021).

This corridor currently has no pedestrian or cycling infrastructure and is bound by a large open ditch on the west side. Current users must either merge with vehicular traffic or navigate sections of uneven and unimproved boulevard on the east side.

An existing multi-use path extends north of this proposed work along the frontage of the Sandown Commercial Centre, connecting with the pedestrian overpass of Highway 17 and the Lochside Trail. The south limit of the work, at the intersection with Mills Road, provides access to the Victoria Airport Flight Path multi-use path. The completion of this gap in the active transportation network will provide a separated continuous facility suitable for all ages and abilities that will provide safe recreation and commuter opportunities for North Saanich and Sidney residents.

Another benefit of the work will be stormwater conveyance improvements for an area that sees localized flooding during heavy rain events. The McDonald Park Road ditch provides drainage for the northeast quadrant of the airport and surrounding properties. A large volume concrete box culvert will replace the open ditch and driveway crossings and provide the necessary space for the multi-use path. It will be sized to handle the high storm flows expected from future climate change conditions.

The District has been working with a design consultant to prepare this project for tender release. Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. (KWL) were selected to prepare the design and drawing package in 2021. They have experience with the area through recent work on the Sandown Commercial Centre and Sandown Lands re-development. KWL will provide contract administration during construction to ensure the project is constructed to their design and specifications. Proposed timelines for the work is:

  • Tender to be posted late January, closing late February
  • Construction anticipated to commence in late Spring 2023
  • Construction completed in September, 2023

This project will be funded as part of the capital plan budgeting for active transportation projects to be approved by Council. Grant funding may be available for a portion of this work through the BC Active Transportation Grant program with a decision pending.

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