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West Saanich Road Bike Lanes

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West Saanich Road Bike Lane Project

West Saanich Road is a picturesque route for drivers and cyclists to explore the north end of the Peninsula. In 2008, in response to increased traffic volumes the District began to implement shoulder bike lane improvements on West Saanich Road.

The bike lane installation from McTavish Road to Frizell Road is now complete. This 1.7 km section of the project provides continuous bike lanes from McTavish Road to Birch Road.

Earlier Bike Lane Installation Phases

  • 2020: Completion of 1.7 km section between McTavish Road and Frizell Road.
  • 2017: Completion of the 1.5 km section between Willingdon Road and the Tseycum First Nation. Road widening and drainage work was completed in December 2018.
  • 2015: Bike lanes were extended 800 m from Willingdon Road to the northern entrance of Ardmore Drive.
  • 2013: A 700 m portion of West Saanich road was completed south of Willingdon Road.
  • 2008: Bike lanes were installed from the Tseycum First Nation in the south to Birch Road in the north and included drainage and entrance improvements along the length of the project. It resulted in a wider road with 1.5 m bike lanes on both sides.
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