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Chalet Road closed until Spring 2022

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Chalet Road closed until Spring 2022

Based on the recommendations of an emergency assessment, a review of road volumes and access, and an assessment of the risks associated with an immediate temporary repair, the District of North Saanich will maintain the closure of Chalet Road until implementation of a new design in late Spring 2022.

During the extreme rainfall event on November 15, 2021, the District closed Chalet Road at Chalet Creek due to localized flooding and safety concerns.

Later the same day the culvert and road failed, resulting in significant localized erosion and the loss of a section of water main.

The District restored water service to the affected residents and undertook an emergency assessment.

The results of this emergency assessment indicated that emergency stabilization work is required, given the expectation of additional rainfall events and the requirement to mitigate further erosion, limit environmental impacts, protect underground utilities, and remove the safety hazard of unstable creek channels.

An emergency construction response is currently being planned, with initial environmental mitigation work planned to commence shortly.

As this work commences, District staff are also consulting and working with a number of relevant expert stakeholder groups, including Peninsula Streams Society.

The District has retained both environmental and archaeological consultants to support the emergency construction response and provide site guidance as required.

District of North Saanich staff recognize the continued closure of Chalet Road may inconvenience local residents. Until the road is reopened, the District asks residents to use alternate routes and respect the presence of temporary fencing, which will be placed to prevent public access to the site

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