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Impact of extreme rainfall on North Saanich

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Impact of extreme rainfall on North Saanich

District staff are currently assessing the consequences of the heavy rainfall that North Saanich experienced earlier this week.

The rainfall, which Environment Canada characterized as a “significant atmospheric river event”, resulted in heavy rain, localized flooding, and pooled water throughout the region.

District of North Saanich staff from Engineering and Public Works are currently investigating the status of roads, drainage, utilities, parks, trails, and other public infrastructure throughout the District.

It is challenging to understand the long-term impact of this heavy and sudden influx of moisture so soon after the rainfall. However, as the groundwater leaves and the ground settles, staff anticipate they will have a much better sense of the ramifications of the recent deluge.

District staff will continue to prioritize the areas and infrastructure most in need of attention.

We will provide details about timelines and plans to repair or remediate these priority areas after staff have investigated and assessed the needs of the whole District.

In the meantime, we continue to encourage homeowners and business owners to clear nearby catch basins and culverts of waste or debris (like leaves). We also ask residents to ensure any accumulated yard waste is kept well away from any location where it could wash into drains or culverts.

These simple actions helps manage the flow of water around properties to ensure drainage systems are working as they are designed.

Residents can report drainage issues and clogged storm drains to Public Works by phone at 250-655-5480 or by email to If you are calling outside of business hours (i.e., before 8:00 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday), please call the Public Works after-hours line: 250-920-9235.

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