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North Saanich Library

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North Saanich Library

The District of North Saanich joined the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) in 1966. North Saanich residents are currently served by the branch at 10091 Resthaven Drive in Sidney.

In order to improve services to residents, the District has been exploring the idea of having a VIRL library at Panorama Recreation Centre as part of the District’s Strategic Plan priority to maintain a strong sense of community.

The north-west corner of the Panorama Recreation Centre site has been identified as a possible suitable site. Under our terms of membership with VIRL, they will pay for the construction of a library, but this can only be done if a separate lot is created for the library.  The entire Panorama site is within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), although it is not currently being used for agricultural purposes. In order for a subdivision to occur to create the site to house a library or any other recreational or cultural development, the land needs to be excluded from the ALR. Aside from the exploration of a library, the proposed exclusion of the Panorama site from the ALR also offers future advantages to the recreation centre.  If the site is excluded from the ALR, then future expansions of Panorama would no longer require approvals from the ALC.

Current Situation

The ALC has notified the District that the Panorama Recreation site has been excluded from the ALR subject to conditions. View the letter from the ALC.

The District’s Official Community Plan (OCP) will also need to be amended to support the removal of the site from the ALR.






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