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Scoter Trail

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Scoter Trail Project

Scoter Trail stretches along the Patricia Bay shoreline, from Patricia Bay Park in the south to the Tseycum First Nation lands in the north. This recreational trail is well used by both residents and visitors.

The southern section of the trail has been upgraded, but the section north of Munro Road is closed due to erosion of the shoreline from wave action.

Rehabilitation of the shoreline is required before the trail can be reopened to the public.

Next Steps

The restoration of the shoreline along the north section of Scoter Trail is scheduled for summer 2020. The overall intent is preserve the natural shoreline, including preserving as many trees as possible in the design and construction of the shoreline. The main improvements will be the restoration of the trail and the installation of a pebble beach, which will make the trail walkable at all tides. This improvement will also enhance the natural shoreline by allowing logs to wash onto the beach and plants to establish. Benches and bike racks will also be installed along the trail.

Background: Restoration Options and Public Consultation

Three options were developed for restoration of the shoreline and trail. A public consultation on the options was held from May 21 to June 18, 2019. Of the three options, “Option 1” was most supported, with 85% of respondents selecting this as their first preferred option.

In response to the public consultation results, Council directed staff to advance design and construction plans for the project following Option 1. In addition, Council directed staff to install benches and bike racks along the trail.

Documents and Reports

Staff Report (Sep 30/19): Scoter Trail North Rehabilitation Project – Additional Comments/Items from Public Consultation

Staff Report (Aug 6/19): Scoter Trail North Rehabilitation Project – Public Consultation and Next Steps

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