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Denham Till Park

Denham Till Park and Private Residence

The Denham Till Park and Residence is located on the north side of Birch Road in North Saanich. This heritage site consists of a park with quince, hazelnut and apple trees, a playground area, and a large grassed lawn.

Madeline Till 1957

Character Defining Elements

  • Picturesque setting among mature coniferous and deciduous trees;
  • Residential form, scale and massing of the house as expressed by its one-story height hipped roof and three-quarter width open veranda;
  • Construction materials of the house as expressed by its wood-frame structure including exposed rafters, double-beveled siding, cornerboards and porch columns; external and internal red-brick chimneys; windows such as its double-hung, 1-over-1 wooden sash windows in single, double and triple assembly with diagonally-cut window aprons;
  • Original interior features such as wood planking, hardboard paneling, wooden floors and trim, and iron-spot tan brick fireplace;
  • One-story front-gabled garage.
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