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Glamorgan Farm

Glamorgan Farm (Private Residence)

Glamorgan Farm is a 3.4 hectare agricultural property that contains a compound of eleven log and wood-frame structures located on a treed knoll. The structures include a log residence, massive log barns, wood-frame and log barns and sheds for hay and livestock. The setting for this working farm includes paddocks, fenced yards for animals, grassed fields, mature trees, shrubs and plantings, and a double row of Lombardy poplars that line the entry drive. This unique cluster of massive log barns is a visual landmark in the area. Glamorgan Farm is a link with the agricultural history of North Saanich.

Originally part of a 500 acre farm which was purchased by Richard John who named it for the county in Wales where he was born. In 1919 Glamorgan was purchased by Sam Matson, a Victoria business man who developed an excellent dairy herd of Jersey cattle.

Quince Blossoms from 100 year old Quince Tree

Character Defining Elements

  • Collection of agricultural buildings that form an intact farm compound, including a residence, massive barns and other functional structures that support a working farm which has remained in continuous agricultural use;
  • Two-storey cross-shaped barn; Matson Jersey barn; Three-storey hay Barn; One-storey log hay barn with a gabled roof;
  • Farm worker’s house, a log structure with a hipped roof and symmetrical hipped dormers;
  • Other wood-frame agricultural buildings such as a chicken coop, smaller barns and sheds;
  • Associated landscape features such as paddocks and fenced yards, Lombardy poplars lining the entry drive, Garry Oak, an ancient flowering quince and various mature trees and shrubs.
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