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Holt Property

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Holt Property (Private Residence)

The Holt Property is located in the Deep Cove area of North Saanich, and consists of a complex of wood-frame structures that comprise a working country estate. This Property is valued as a rare example of a complex of early structures that illustrate the settlement patterns of Deep Cove, and the area’s change over time from a summertime resort community to a semi-rural residential neighbourhood. The cottage was built just before the inauguration of the British Columbia Electric Saanich Interurban line in 1913, which provided easy access for vacationing Victoria residents. It is typical of the type of summer resort cottage constructed prior to the First World War. The main house, the first part of which appears to have been built in 1917, indicates the enduring popularity of the Craftsman style. The site consists of a collection of early buildings that are not only a testament to the site’s growth and development over time but also serve as a tangible reminder of agricultural use and genteel country living in the North Saanich community.

Character Defining Elements

  • Continuous residential and agricultural use;
  • Collection of early residential buildings and complementary functional structures;
  • Gable-roofed, wood-frame pumphouse;
  • Associated landscape features such as: mature orchard remnants including pear and plum trees; massive Horse Chestnut and Cedar trees; garden setting that includes old specimen rose bushes including an early Peace Rose; a massive mature Oak; numerous rare trees and shrubs; and the woodland edge to the east that borders R.O. Bull Park.
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