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Development Permits

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Development Permits

A Development Permit (DP) is a planning tool that local governments use to ensure the proposed development is consistent with community objectives. There are currently 7 Development Permit Areas (DPA) within the District as outlined within Section 14.0 of the Official Community Plan. Each of these DPAs have guidelines that development proposals should address. The guidelines for the applicable DPA are provided in the forms below. In some instances properties may be within more than one DPA therefore a form is required for each.

We want to ensure your application is clear and complete, therefore prior to submission we encourage you to speak with one of our planners regarding your proposal. Applicants are also encouraged to review the

Application Process

There are two parts to your permit application process:

Part 1 – The following forms are a requirement for a DP application.

Part 2 – Please complete the appropriate application guideline form(s) depending on the Development Permit Area(s) applicable to the subject property.

Development Permit Area (DPA)FormMap
DPA No. 1: Marine Uplands and ForeshoreFormMap
DPA No. 2: Creeks, Wetlands, Riparian Areas and Significant Water Resources FormMap
DPA No. 3: Sensitive Ecosystems FormMap
DPA No. 4: Steep Slopes FormMap
DPA No. 5: Commercial / IndustrialForm Map
DPA No. 6: Multi-family Form Map
DPA No. 8: Residential Intensification Form Map

Fees and Processing

Please note that the District accepts cash, cheque, or Interac, but does not accept credit cards.

The time required to process a DP depends on the complexity of the proposal. Incomplete applications will cause delays.

For more information, please contact the Planning and Community Services department.

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