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Development Variance Permit

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Development Variance Permit

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) allows for variances to requirements set out in the District’s bylaws such as the Zoning Bylaw. A variance, whether granted through a DVP or through the Board of Variance, may not vary the use or density of land. Changes to land use or density of a site must be done through a bylaw amendment which may require an OCP or Zoning Amendment.

Development Variance Permit Applications Guide

We want to ensure your application is clear and complete therefore prior to submission we encourage you to speak with one of our planners regarding your proposal. Staff have prepared the following forms to help guide you through the application requirements.

The following forms are a requirement for a DP application.

Fee Schedule

View a listing of Development Application Fees. Please note that the District accepts cash, cheque or interac, but does not accept credit cards.

The time required to process a DVP depends on the complexity of the proposal. Incomplete applications will cause delays.

For more information, please contact the Planning and Community Services department.

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